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Generation Jetta

About The Club

The Official UK Volkswagen Jetta Owners Club was formed in the UK in February 2000 and was run successfully right up until March 2006, at this time for reasons unknown the site went ofline so the club had no choice but to close.

The flame still carried on in the form of a site known as (although not supported with a membership), unfortunately after a single face lift and few members that site very quickly folded. From March 2007 the club was taken over by a new team more than dedicated to the cause. The new team all had or have had at some time all but one of the Jetta models. This lasted for a good few years whilst forums still ruled the roost over sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Modern social media delt a heavy blow to the car club world and the site folded once more. Its been a very long time coming but we are back ready to rebuild the comunity we loved so much once more. The website name now attracts thousands of visitors every month from countries all over the world, including the USA & Canada, Mexico, Australia and most European nations. With new services being added regularly this website has become a valuable resource for not only the club, its members but Jetta, Vento, Bora and other VW enthusiasts all over the world.

Visit our Facebook group for all the latest updates, news, information and to talk to the group. 

At The Jetta Owners Club we try to provide you with the information and resources to restore, customize or generally look after your pride and joy. In the Facebook gallery you can see just a taster of what some of our members can achieve when using the knowledge and advice available through being a member. Sit back relax and take in the friendly atmosphear.

Club Chairman